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GOOD NEWS...Better communication internally and with the PUBLIC!

October 15, 2018

Right now communication in most departments revolves around email, texts, phone calls, etc. Even distributing tasks, agendas, and keeping track as to whether those tasks and agendas are being completed is near impossible. Oh, and add residents complaining your department is not doing enough on top of everything else. And even worse is when responding to residents, "Yes we are, we did X, Y, & Z," and residents respond with a, "Prove it," you can't do it easily.


Good news!


We realized our tool is not just for making community policing more effective, it can also enhance the communication process internally, as well! 


Police are unique in their structure and require a special task management tool. Why? Because a lot of the time officers are on the road and not behind a desk. We built a tool where the men and women behind the desk can easily distribute information to the field. 


BUT we are not forgetting about the community policing factor. Leadership can create goals that must be met by officers within the department by year, quarter, or months end. These goals will be defined and tasks to complete those goals distributed from the admin platform by officers in leadership positions. All of the numbers (i.e., percent to completion) about goals, tasks, and agendas can be shared with the public easily, too, if need be. 


We are set to help departments reach new heights in terms of community outreach and internal communication. 


Cheers everyone!


James Corbett 

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GOOD NEWS...Better communication internally and with the PUBLIC!

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