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"F*ck the Police" is Trending and Citizens aren't Owning Mistakes

May 25, 2018

The more one reads, studies, and learns about the dynamics between police and residents it becomes more evident many problems stem from a lack of understanding. Residents do not know what actual police work is. Residents see a building, car, motorcycle, bike, horse, dog, uniform, badge, or blue line on a street and get uncomfortable. 

They don't know who serves them. 


Citizens make sweeping assumptions about the police. It seems as if residents are okay with criticizing, yelling, and screaming in the face of an officer rather than accepting responsibility for their actions. Humans are scathing and in modern society when one is wrong they delete the comment or Tweet. Owning a mistake is rare. 


Why am I mentioning citizens like this? Because society is beginning to get a firm grip on rounding up bad cops and prosecuting them. But there doesn't seem to be a consistent voice for the good officers. When citizens are wrong about an officer, they rarely apologize or own the mistake. The negative continues to live on unchecked - for the most part.


For what it is worth, here is what we think should be done. 


Police should take steps to show local residents what they do and deal with around town. With technology today we can do it. First Responders Live is building a platform for this purpose. We want to help police take the step in the direction of becoming more transparent. We want citizens to tune in and get to know individual officers better. 


We have a chance to change the script town-by-town. Sure, there are problems transparency can't solve. We won't deny that. Also, we aren't asking officers to hide the hard parts. We aren't asking officers to put on a smile and act differently from who they are. We aren't asking police departments to cover up the ugly parts of the job, the stress involved, the hardships endured.  In fact, we ask you to be 100% authentically yourself.  


Letting residents see you could have a significant impact on the rhetoric around police work. The world is not a shiny golden place filled only with good. Reality is there is a bunch of ugly. There is murder, rape, theft, lies, and everything in between.  


Police live in the sh*t life can offer. It is why the profession is bombarded with stress. People don't understand this. We are so used to filtering and hiding things it has become a cancerous action. Filtering reality is perpetuating issues easily avoided with better communication. The world is craving truth. 


Here is a truth, there is a trend building around hating cops. We would like to help mitigate this problem and we believe it is through "make sense transparency". First Responders Live video support is only the beginning of what will become an entire 360 suite of better communication. 


We cannot build this alone. We MUST have departments or officers getting on board to make this impact.


Give it a shot. Please contact us at 



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