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Residents are part of the problem...

May 3, 2018

It was Einstein that defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over expecting different results." 


Well, society and police are stuck in this never ending battle of morality. We need something to shake up the way relationships are built between police and residents served. And you know where it seems to stem from - a lack of understanding between the two.


Some of the most successful community policing programs are those where police are interacting with residents CONSISTENTLY. Great examples are the Police Athletic League (PAL) and Citizen Police Academies. But this only reaches a few residents. In reality, there needs to be a program that can take place almost every single day AND reach the community at large. Community policing needs attention and consistency. 


Residents have been begging for something like this for years but police never had the time to do it.


And residents guess what?! It's true! The police weren't BSing you. They are SUPER busy. But here is the thing - with technology there is no longer the excuse of not enough time. 


Here is where it gets tricky.


Instead of not having the time to connect with citizens at large consistently, it's letting go of fear and getting a little more transparent. But residents make this hard for the police.


YUP WE SAID IT. We think residents are part of the issue. Residents see a uniform and badge but don't see the human being behind the uniform and badge. Well, after working with police a little closer now for the past year and having friends who are officers we can definitively say THEY ARE HUMAN! They mess up. They have fear. They have bathroom breaks. They trip, bleed, cry, scream, shiver, laugh, joke, sing, run, jump, sleep, eat, and everything in between. 


Here is the tough part for police - if they want safer interactions with residents they have to show the human side. But, if residents want this privilege (YUP, I SAID "PRIVILEGE") they will have to be respectful. They will have to go into this with an open mind just like the police and other first responders.  


We are building First Responders Live  and this live streaming program not to attack police but to help them. We are not out to GET THE COPS. We are not attacking officers with open source technology where all people can view body cameras at all times.  NOPE! Because that's just ridiculous. 


Instead we are trying to help police communicate with residents. We want officers to use old phones with a camera, put it on the dashboard, and sometimes go live to the community and have a conversation! And not the kind of conversations where it's all about rules, laws, and regulations. We are going to help police get a little more comfortable speaking with residents through this live stream about sports, music, and hobbies. 


If you want this for your town or department, please contact us.


Thanks for reading.


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