He was arrested and was going to run but didn't because

March 21, 2018

Officer Jason Gadrim - an advisor, mentor, and First Responder Live's proof of concept - runs a Facebook page "Policing for Our Community". Officer Jason Gadrim had to arrest someone a few weeks ago.  The man he arrested was uneasy at first but the man felt like he knew Officer Gadrim. The man told Jason, "I was thinking of running but didn't because I know you."  


Jason never met this man before but Jason built a relationship with him through live streaming. Jason showed he is trustworthy. Jason showed he isn't out to harm people. Jason shows everyone he has a family he loves and cares about. He has hobbies, like building drones and 3D printing. Jason doesn't, as we are not building this, live stream for entertainment, evidence collection, or anything other than humanizing himself and the other officers within the department.


There is a real problem in communication between first responders and the citizens served. You do not have to look very far to find a negative story on the Internet or social media about police or another first responder. 


Well, First Responders Live is here to help humanize both citizens and first responders. We are here to try and break down the US vs. Them mentality that plagues and singles out first responders from society. We need to bring back community or tribal mentality. 


If you are interested in learning more please contact us!



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