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Ultimate Tool for Transparency

September 2, 2017

Government transparency is a hot topic issue gaining traction every day. The transition for government agencies to become more transparent can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. First Responders Live is making the transition towards transparency easier for first responders. We are building a live streaming app that is best described as a virtual ride along. 


Police and fire departments can use this product to give citizens a look into their world every day. A police officer in Logan Ohio named Jason Gadrim is using Facebook Live as his tool for transparency. His page is Policing for our Community. FRL spoke with Jason on the phone to get an idea of whether FRL is a product he needs or wants. After our conversation, he simply said, “Yes this sounds like a great product you’re making.” We also discussed how the citizens of Logan love his page and what he is doing. The town interacts with him every night. They get updates, laughs, excitement, and a view of his world.


The good far outweighs the bad but there are some setbacks. It takes a lot of work to manage the live stream effectively and he just doesn’t have the time. Some of the problems he has come across are profanity; citizens using the live stream to report problems; citizens do not have a quick 911 contact through the app if needed; multiple officers are not able to go live at the same time, and various other issues. 


Our platform solves each of these issues quickly and easily. While Jason may be the first officer in the country doing this, he will not be the last. Start doing this with your department but get on our product to ensure transparency is easy and fun for everyone in your community, including your officers.


To get more information about us please email us at

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