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Why Marketing for Government Agencies Counts...

July 18, 2017

The newest opportunity for government related technology is not necessarily the software itself but informing citizens of the software. By focusing our efforts on building up-to-date software and marketing it to the citizens we set ourselves apart from most, if not all, civic engagement platforms. 

We postulate many civic engagement platforms are not widely marketed because the fewer people on the platform the more money made for the company. Our goal is to market so effectively we have to raise license costs charged to the government for running our application because people are using it. 

First Responders Live is building this platform to help local first responders become community influencers. We want to make a real impact on society with our platform. However, citizens have to use our product first. Therefore, we will make a conscious effort in marketing First Responders Live.

That said, the live stream is officially working. Now it is time for us to move forward and finish designing our product. We will be attending Camden County's Freeholder meeting on Thursday, July 20, 2017.


Come through and show some support for our CEO James Corbett.


Thanks for reading!

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