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The biggest hurdle to get over for community policing and outreach is...

June 10, 2017

One of the biggest struggles and hurdles to get over for community policing and outreach is manpower. With social media came better opportunity for governments to reach out to citizens. However social media brings more challenge. For departments to be seen they must consistently generate a lot of content. Social media is good for many reasons but it is also flooded with content departments must fight against to get information out.

To sum up all of the problems regarding lack of effective community outreach most government agencies do not have the time. Many departments cannot hire more employees to focus primarily on social media engagement and outreach and even if they can, most of the time it is not enough. 


Our focus: Efficiency.

What we are doing is solving a majority of those problems with one simple application. We are giving all departments of any size the opportunity to quickly and easily generate more content.

But here is the key ... we are also giving departments more time back to focus on their primary duties.


For example: Police Departments



It is no secret police departments need a better way to communicate with citizens. It is also no secret that police must focus on securing the towns or cities they serve. Many Police Departments do not have enough manpower to generate and build a real communication between themselves and communities served. Police are in a unique position to make incredibly powerful changes in communities. They need help to do more good and we want to do that with them. 

Our method: Video.


Video is the single most powerful form of communication right now. Nothing is more influential. Our goal is to get departments comfortable enough to eventually allow patrol men to introduce themselves to the communities they serve. Let people see officers are people in a direct and meaningful way. Our communities need help and we are effectively trying to bring that help with a pragmatic approach. 


First Responders Live will not only be a community building tool but social media management tool. Our goal is to help government agencies become better at communicating with citizens served.

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